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3 step strategy to lose weight slow and healthy

  Let’s face a fact Weight loss is not easy. To be honest it is one of the most difficult decisions to take action on. But for every impossible task there is a rather more approachable way, right? So, Let’s break weight loss into 3 easy and actionable steps. 

       We know that we need to get a hold of our diet for a better lifestyle. This is the very first thing we know about fitness. You can do exercise to boost the process. As we are trying to make this happen as friendly as possible. We will not include exercise. This means that even if you don’t work out, you will lose fat. The steps we will discuss involve your diet, habits, and priorities. Sounds good to you. Let’s go then.

Step 1: Diet Changes Which Affect Directly to Weight loss

     According to research, if we reduce 500 calories consumed daily, we will surely lose around 400gm of weight on a weekly basis. Which is around 1.6kg weight loss every 4 weeks. We all know that eating less food will result in weight loss. But here’s a proper way to do it. You will be having 3 meals a day in total. No matter how much it urges you.

     You are not allowed to have any snacks between them. Weight loss is not just about eating properly. It is also about eating at proper time intervals too. That is just why 3 meals a day is suggested. To make this even more effective try adding fruits and different types of vegetables to your meal. Diet in the morning or breakfast, should be the heaviest, and dinner is the lightest one. This is just an amazingly good way to activate weight loss circumstances for the body.

    Try avoiding white rice, wheat, white bread, and Spices from your meal. Instead of eating these go for brown rice. It is a good one I can suggest you add. But why Spices, it Is because spices simply can start burns in your stomach, or perhaps, I should say that eating spicy food is simply not a healthy practice. Because your objective is to get in better shape, eat more fiber than usual.  

Step 2: Healthy Habits to Make a Change

      Now, there is not much to discuss habits. Most of them are simply obvious. One that I want to recommend to you the most is that try sleeping at 10 not late than that. What it will do is since you are getting proper rest, you will notice that your senses will remain sharp and your mindset will persuade effectively. The more you are concentrated on weight loss better you will perform. 

strategy to lose weight

     Secondly, you should put a very important habit. Which I would rather prefer as a secret to weight loss. That is to eat slow. Try to give at the very least 20 minutes to every time you eat. This might sound crazy to you but believe me, that is just a very convenient method to lose weight permanently. When you eat fast, it takes some time for your body to respond that enough food is taken. But with slow eating practice, you will be able to give time to your body. Eventually, your tummy will be will lesser food intake than usual. Sounds crazy but effective.

  Last but not the least, Drink water after every 2 hours for the very least. Drinking water is good, and it is no secret, right? After all, it is very important for our very existence. All life processes involve water. So, drink more of it. It will help you detoxify your body this is 3rd most important habit to adopt. 

Step 3: Priorities that matter

   A harsh truth is that you will fail again. Only if you make a slight change in your priorities, then it is a different story. If you are always busy with your work. Try to take frequent breaks and then take some walks. This is a very small change but can result in drastic differences. Avoid involving situations that could result in breaking your weight-loss resolutions, Like parties. No matter how busy you are it is always about a priority that you have. It could be anything that can break a routine and make you feel failed. So, stay motivated and good luck.

 If you did like any of these tips/steps, make sure to let me know. Share your experience with me in the comments and I will be overwhelmed with it. However only a very small fraction of people will be able to succeed with this. Now it is up to you to make a difference. So best of luck to you. And stay tuned with us because we make sure to post informative content regularly for you.

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