6 Interesting Facts to Know About the Kidney Disease

Kidneys do a lot for us, and studies say that they are the vital organs in the body. What do they do? Well, they filter waste products from the blood and help in regulating blood pressure. Experts say that kidneys keep the balance of electrolytes and maintain the production of red blood cells.

What Happens When a Kidney Fails?

When the kidney fails, it does not filter waste, and all the waste products build up which leads to swelling, fatigue, and shortness of breath. One of the best nephrologists in Karachi revealed a fact in his article that kidney failure is the ninth leading cause of death worldwide.

This article will reveal interesting facts about kidney disease.

Experts say that we can prevent kidney diseases only when we know how the kidney performs and what factors contribute that can put us at high risk of developing kidney diseases.

Cardiovascular Problems are often caused by Kidney Disease:

One person who has a kidney problem is at high risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Studies reveal that kidney disease is one of the leading factors to cause heart attack and stroke. When the kidney fails to filter waste products, it does not allow you to maintain blood pressure and keep your cholesterol level. High cholesterol levels and blood pressure are the main factors that contribute to causing a heart attack.

Kidney Disease Often Show No Serious Symptoms:

Early kidney disease shows no symptoms as both kidneys try hard to make up for lost function. Experts say that most of the people who suffered from kidney disease shared no signs of early condition until it advanced. So, it makes sense that kidney disease often appears when it’s advanced and the condition goes out of hand. 

Advanced kidney disease leads to severe symptoms, such as itching, swelling in feet and ankles, loss of appetite, nausea, weakness, etc. Changes in urine and lack of quality sleep are also symptoms of kidney disease.

Kidney Disease has Become Common Health Problem: 

You may be surprised to know that kidney failure has become one of the most common health problems these days. Not only adults but also young adults are having kidney issues. There are millions of people who are suffering from severe kidney failure conditions.

Kidney Failure Risk Increase As You Get Older:

You and I cannot deny the fact that age is the common factor that contributes to developing many health diseases. People aged 60 and older are at high risk of developing kidney failure. When we get older, our bodies cannot often prevent many health conditions, such as diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, etc.

Kidney Disease weakens Your Bones:

One of the most important roles our kidneys play is that they produce vitamin D which is an essential component of bones. It helps to absorb calcium and phosphorus that leads to building strong bones. Your kidneys also contribute to maintaining the mineral in the body. Your body fails to get the vitamin D when kidneys do not perform properly. It makes your bones easily breakable and easily get fractured if you fall.

Smoking and Alcohol Consumption Makes Your Kidney Symptoms Worsen: 

Drinking can cause damage to almost every part of your body. So, it is not wrong to say that drinking alcohol can bring unlimited body damage. Heavy drinking leads to improper function of the kidneys and interferes with the filter work of harmful substances from your blood. 

When you drink alcohol, it also does not let the water capacity fill your body. Smoking and alcohol lead to high blood pressure that is a major cause of kidney disease. Nicotine intake inhibits the blood flow to your kidney and other important organs of the body.

Final Thoughts 

Experts believe that kidney disease does not only involve kidneys, but it also affects other parts of the body. It may result in a weak immune system and put you at high risk of developing any kind of infection in the future.

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