Teeth Whitening Treatment

Aftercare for the Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

When you get professional teeth whitening in Nashville, it is very important to follow an aftercare routine to retain the effective result of the treatment. Following are the tips that dentists often recommend to the patients receiving this treatment:

Avoid These Foods

Starting with the basics, it includes all the things that you should or shouldn’t eat following the treatment. Following the treatment, for few days your teeth will be more porous than ever, so the chances of getting stains increases. 

Generally, the dentists will recommend you to refrain from any activity or food that leaves behind stains. For instance, chewing tobacco products and smoking. 

Although 48 hours is enough to resume the normal activities, still we would recommend you to wait for a week to continue eating the food that could leave stains. The list of foods that leave stains and not recommended by the best dentist in Nashville include:

  • Coffee & Tea
  • Soy Sauce
  • Chocolate 
  • Beer
  • Fruit & their juices
  • Cured meats, etc.

Regular Brushing

After the whitening treatment, make sure to regularly brush and floss your teeth. Now, you may have to do this activity more often than before to retain the results. 

The doctors recommend immediately brush your teeth every time you eat. It helps to prevent the accumulation of stains after teeth whitening treatment. 

Plus, you should avoid using whitening toothpaste after a week or two of the treatment. These kinds of toothpaste have strong ingredients in them that can harm sensitive teeth. 

However, as soon as the sensitivity starts to go down, you can resume its use. Also, the experts like Dillard Dental Services recommend incorporating whitening toothpaste into the routine after a week or two, as they help to keep the results for even longer. 

Use Straws

If you are an addict to coffee and tea, and cannot resist the temptation to drink, then we will suggest you use straws. As recommended by the orthodontist in Nashville, TN, you can buy metal straws. 

They are good for both hot and cold drinks. Also, they are great for the environment. They usually have a case with them, which comes in handy when you have to travel. 

Quit Smoking

In addition to being generally bad for your health, smoking can also leave behind stubborn stains on teeth, especially following the teeth whitening treatment. If you are not able to quit smoking, you can consult your doctor. They can help you with getting rid of this habit altogether. 

Remember, if you quit smoking, not only your teeth will look whiter, but also your overall health will improve. 

In addition to this common aftercare, your dentist might also provide you with at-home trays or teeth whitening kits to extend the results of the treatment. But, you need to be careful with these kits, as wrong and excessive use can make your teeth more sensitive. It is recommended to use them every six months. This technique is especially important for people who are caffeine addicts. 

These effective aftercare tips will help to increase and retain the results of the treatment for a long time.

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