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Asian Massage Therapy: Benefits And Types

Did you know that various parts of our body carry energy? If there is any hindrance in that energy movement, then our body starts experiencing stress and other diseases also. The most widespread

“Asian Massage” work on these energy lines in the various part of the body, unblocked the energy flow and offered relaxation to your body physically as well as mentally.  If you are looking for more information about Asian Massage like its type and benefits, then this article is for you. Let’s explore more about Asian Massage Therapy.

What is an Asian massage?

Asian Massage was introduced by Asian countries like China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Korea, and India. The Asian Massage technique has been begun at approx. three thousand years back. It is an antiquated massage technique.  It is titled Asian massage because it is a fusion of various massage techniques of Asian countries. Asian massage is being used as a therapeutic method, due to which it has become pretty trendy in the western world.


Reduces stress

Did you know why are we stressed out? Any threat to our welfare causes stress. When we are not able to manage challenging circumstances, then we are stressed out. We need to manage our stress, or else it can become permanent and harm our health. When we are stressed, the Cortisol hormone is produced for flight or fight response.  Extra Cortisol hormone stimulates the body to act rightly against the stress level.  Massage therapy is the easiest way to manage your stress.  Massage can stimulate the release of an extra volume of Cortisol hormone from the adrenal glands. Then Cortisol hormone is mixed with blood and flows in every part of the body.  It has a separate function with every part of the body.  It not only controls your blood pressure and blood sugar but regulates the salt-water balance in the body. A message will help you to relax your body as well as manage stress. Take massage therapy whenever you feel required and feel energetic to accept new challenges.

Better sleep

Asian massage reduces the stress level and leads to sounder sleep. We all necessitate 7-8 hours of sleep to sustain a healthy lifestyle because sleeplessness can cause serious health problems. And we should start taking our sleeping hours seriously. Stress level is not only affecting our sleep but also our mental health. If you have some stress like an exam or some important meeting, it would be arduous to sleep until it is done. Various massage techniques help you to reduce your stress. During the massage, they focus on specific points in the body that helps you to feel relax. Massage therapy improves your mental as well as physical health.

Improves respiratory system and blood circulation

Did you know the two vital things that we require to keep our body working? No! It’s oxygen and blood. Our body cells need oxygen, and oxygen mixed with the bloodstream then reached different parts of the body. Asian massage helps to improve the blood flowing as well as the respiratory system of the body. Around 12 meridian pathways are there in the human body, and the lung is one of them. If soft pressure applies on specific points, it not only improves the respiratory system but also strengthens the immunity system. Better flow of oxygen and blood in the body hinders the various breathing-related problems.

Relieve From Depression and Anxiety 

For an emotionally weak person, it is challenging to tackle emotional problems. When a person is emotionally broken, it influences his physical and mental health. At that time, you need a good massage to feel relaxed. The level of serotonin and dopamine neurochemicals helps to lessen depression and anxiety in a person. The regular basis massage produces more serotonin and dopamine in the brain. And after the message, you start feeling relaxed. For more health benefits, a massage is a must at least once a month.  You can try various massages like Chinese acupressure, Indonesian Japanese massage, Thai massage, Japanese Shiatsu, and sensual massage, etc.

Relieving Pain

Life is full of tension due to our hectic lifestyle, back-to-back work meetings, and other many things that engaged us all day. And in all these activities, a lot of people experience regular body ache. Sometimes body aches make our life miserable. But we have a solution to get rid of these body aches. Asian massage, Yes! You read it, right. Asian massage helps you to get rid of body aches. During the massage, mild pressure is applied to the key points so that body responds positively. Once the body started to respond positively, a self-healing process started. All the strain and pain from the body are released, and once again, you start feeling good, happy, and fresh.

Different types of Asian Massage Therapy

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu term is derived from Japan. It means “finger pressure.” The massage therapist applies pressure on key points. There are 12 meridians (pathways) in our body. It is believed that these pathways are connected, and the vital flow of energy in these pathways keeps us healthy. Any hindrance in this energy flow means you have a high chance to feel sick. The massage practitioners apply gentle pressure using their fingers, thumbs, or palms on the specific point in a consecutive order to improve the flow of energy in the pathways. The amazing fact of Shiatsu massage is that no massage oil is used. The person who is taking a massage wears loose and relaxed clothes. Shiatsu Massage is performed on the low massage table or floor.

Shiatsu Massage solves various health issues like stress, anxiety, arthritis, back pain, constipation, headache, menstrual problems, sciatica, premenstrual syndrome, insomnia, neck and shoulder pain, sinus problems.

Shiatsu Massage can have side effects on pregnant women, a person with a heart problem, and also a person who underwent chemotherapy.

Thai Message

Thai Massage

Are you stressed and wanted to boost your energy? Then Thai massage is bliss for you. Another name for Thai massage is a “lazy person’s yoga.” The massage practitioner uses their hands, knees, legs, and feet. The client lied on the floor and stretching, pulling, rocking methods are used on him/her. Thai massage boosts the energy flow in the pathways. If there is any blockage in the pathways that disrupt the energy flow, it corrects that blockage too. Thai massage has many positive effects on our health. Let’s explore five of them.

1. It reduces the stress

2. It improves the flow of energy in meridians.

3. It increases body flexibility.

4. It reduces different types of back pain.

5.  It reduces muscle pain.

Thai massage is not suggested to people with recent surgery, heart problem, and disk herniation.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is a widely practiced massage therapy, performed to relax your body by releasing the muscle tightness. This technique is very familiar. We call it classic massage also. Our lifestyle demands us to do activities that are not healthy for us, like sitting on a chair for long hours. It mostly tightened our shoulders, neck, and lower back muscles. Swedish massage therapists use hands, palms, kneading, long strokes, light tapping on the upper layer of muscles, deep circular movement, passive joint movements, and many more. Swedish massage is full body massage, and massage therapists will request you to disrobe before they start the massage session. They would wrap a sheet around your body and adjust accordingly. No worries, you won’t be naked. Most of the time, the body will be covered with the sheet. During the massage session, the therapist applies massage oil or lotion to the body and puts gentle pressure on key points. This technique relaxes your body, relaxes the nerve, improves blood circulation, and energy flow.

Deep Tissue massage

Deep Tissue Massage

As its name reveals that in deep tissue massage pressure applies to the inner muscle layer to loosen the muscle strain. It is quite similar to the Swedish massage, but here therapist concentrated on the deep tissue. Before starting the deep tissue massage session, share your problem with your therapist, like neck stiffness, muscle pain, scar, etc. Deep tissue massage can include your entire body or a particular area depends on your problem. Firstly, the therapist will use light pressure to warm up your body muscle. Then they will concentrate on the problem area of the body.  Kneading or stroking technique with different pressure is applied during the session. Deep tissue massage mainly improves high blood pressure, sports injuries, chronic muscle pain, and sciatica. It is not recommended for a person with a blood disorder or underwent chemotherapy.


Did you know that the specific points on feet, hands, and ears are linked to different organs of the body? The reflexologist applies pressure on these specific points to release body stress, create a power of self-healing in the body.

How does a reflexologist understand on which specific point pressure should apply? Does the foot map guide the reflexologist during the reflexology session?  The left foot is connected to the left side body organs, and the right foot is connected to the right side body organs. A reflexologist uses only thumbs and finger to apply pressure on key points. Reflexology may help to:

1. Release stress

2. Improve insomnia

3. Balancing hormones

4. Improve digestive problem

5. Improve arthritis

What to expect at Asian massage?

Asian massage helps to relieve stress, improve the blood circulation and respiratory system. Different places have a different types of services. Usually, Asian massage starts with the table shower. 

Once it is done, you are dried by masseur/masseuse completely and wrapped with a towel. Then, you have to tell the therapist about your problem area so that the massage therapist can focus on that area. The lukewarm oil spread over your backside to give an immense pleasure of massage. Then the therapist starts the massage to loosen your muscle tension and boost your mood.

What happens at Asian massage parlors?

What kind of experience customers have in Asian massage parlors? Some have well, and some have bad experiences in the Asian massage parlors. Hygiene is the main issue in Asian massage parlors. One should choose the massage parlors that are clean and newly opened. Because it’s our choice if we wanted to release stress or fell ill for the next ten days.  

A licensed massage therapist would come to give you a message. They will ask you what kind of message you need and, is there any problem in a particular area? Then they will start giving you massage with low or high pressure on different areas of the body.

What is a table shower Asian massage?

Table shower is another peculiarity added to the Asian massage. Imagine you lie on a comfortable depthless bed, and water is splashing over your back with adequate temperature for more than 10 minutes. Would you feel immense pleasure with every drop of water poured on your back? I am sure you would.  

If you desire to take a body massage, the table shower will unwind you and ready your body for absolute gratification. The symmetric arrangement of the sprays will give an astounding therapy with an entire body h2O massage. And these water sprays can be adjusted to a particular area of the body.

How do Asian massage parlors work?

 Asian massage parlors have many licensed staff to give a different type of massages to the clients. Clients come to the Asian massage parlors to relieve muscle strain, stress or to enjoy the table shower. Asian massage parlors’ work has a lot of health benefits.

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A massage once a month is good for us. The body needs time and some pampering to refill its tank.

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