Be An Eyeliner Hotshot

Be An Eyeliner Hotshot In Just 15 Minutes

I personally sucked at eyeliners, really. When I started with my own eye makeup for the first time, I didn’t really know what type of eyeliner I should use and for what purpose. I didn’t know how to control my hand to give that perfect stroke many women dream of. And I recently realized that not only me but there are millions of girls out there who lack the skill of applying eyeliners. Basically, the most important part of doing so is to learn about them properly. Spend 15 minutes reading this article thoroughly. 

Let’s start from the basics and then go to the pro level. 

The Type Of Eyeliners

The most common problem between many of us is that we aren’t aware of the different types of eyeliners. We don’t know which one does what and which one we should use. Doing it randomly can have poor results. So, ladies! There are three types of eyeliners. Pencil, gel, and liquid. 

Pencil eyeliners are, obviously, dry and so easy to apply like you’re just drawing on a piece of paper with them. However, their stroke might not spread smoothly along the skin. 

Gel eyeliners, however, have a matte finish and you can do the stroke very easily. They come with a brush that you can use to make the eyeliner strokes. 

Liquid eyeliners are extremely precise. They go right along with your stroke and give a perfect finish to make your eyes look much more magical. The only drawback in them is that they take some time to dry completely. But that shouldn’t be any problem if you have some time to get ready, right ladies?

Their Colors Have A Significant Impact On Effects

The next thing to know is about the color of the eyeliner. The color you choose will have a different effect from the other. Let me explain a little. If you use black eyeliner, then your eye will look very bold and appealing. The brown eyeliner will put a smoky effect on your eyes. And if you want to make your eyes look bigger, then use white eyeliner on the waterline. I guess I don’t need to tell you about the effect of a glitter eyeliner, it’s pretty obvious. If you want your eyes to look soft and bright, then gray eyeliners are great for this purpose. And yes, don’t forget about the trendy navy eyeliners or purple ones. 

Eyeliner Hotshot

Get Rid Of The Shakiness In Your Hands While Applying Eyeliner

My hands would shake while applying eyeliner because I never knew it was so easy to do it smoothly without shivering. All you have to do is just put your elbow on a surface or even your knee if you’re sitting down. Then it’s better to rest your smallest finger on your cheek to give stability to your strokes and then apply the eyeliner. One more problem down? Great!

Use Dots or Dashes

This is the most important part for beginners. You know, all of us aren’t born artists and have a hand for constant and smooth strokes from pencils or markers. We have to practice for it. But let me tell you an easier way that even a beginner can adopt. Instead of using strokes, try using dots or dashes. First, apply dots at equal distance (very small) as a guide to your actual stroke. Then just join the dots slowly to have that beautiful liner stroke on your eyes. You can do the same with dashes too. Do what suits you the best!

Removing A Mistake

So you were applying the liner and the color smudged or the stroke didn’t go right. What should you do now? Don’t panic, do you have cotton swabs? Great, take one out, soak it in a good makeup remover, then clean the area you want. It’s the easiest way to remove the mess that you accidentally made. Try it!

Too Difficult To Draw A Perfect Line? Do This!

Not everyone can draw a perfect eye-line. What they can do about it is just make a rough one. That’s completely okay but hold on a minute! Get a cotton swab, apply some petroleum jelly, and then make your eyeliner stroke even and sharp. Trust me, it works like wonders!

Use Eyeshadow To Clean Up An Irregular Eyeliner Stroke

Don’t worry if your eyeliner looks so unprofessional and horrible. You must have eyeshadow in our inventory, right? Just pick it up, stick it out, apply some right on your eyeliner stroke and it will make it look sharp and appealing just as you want. See? It’s not that hard!

Tightlining Is An Underrated Technique. Use It!

If you want your eyelashes to look thicker and bold, then this technique is for you. Do you see that area underneath your upper waterline? Yep, stretch your eye a little to make it visible and then apply eyeliner right there. There will be no empty space visible where there’s no eyeliner and this will make your eyes look much more attractive. It’s like a dream come true for some!

Use Eyeshadow To Get An Intense Eyeliner Color

If you think that your eyeliner isn’t resulting in a bold color and it looks dull on you, then don’t forget that you have an eyeshadow with you. Apply it along your eyeliner stroke using a flat brush to make it appear much bolder. 

Have Small Eyes? No Prob!

You know, every person is different. There are people with thin lips as well as thicker ones. There are people with large and small eyes. But that doesn’t mean anything negative at all, everyone is equal, especially when it comes to beauty! If you have small eyes, I’m sure you look stunning every day! But how about I tell you how beautiful your eyes can look if you use some eyeliner tricks? You might want to embellish them as they are or make them appear a bit larger, that’s all up to you. I have three amazing tricks for you. So just sit in front of a mirror now and get your eye-makeup tools ready!

The Nude Eye

This is something you would love to try on your eyes. If you put on dark and bold eyeliner then you’re going to get even smaller eyes because the color will take over. So all you gotta do is get a pale color eyeliner and draw your lower waterline with it. What will happen is that the pale color will somehow merge with the white part of your eye and make your eyes appear larger. No wonder why celebrities like Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and many more have been doing this for years too. 

A Little Smudging Won’t Hurt

Yep, you heard it right .I just told you that putting on eyeliners with bold strokes isn’t that good for people with smaller eyes. But hey, who said that you can’t do some smudging? Just grab your favorite eyeliner and start doing it! If it’s a pencil eyeliner, then that would be better because pencils are great for smoky effects. Anyways, the gel and liquid eyeliners will do the job well too. Just draw the outline of your eye with it and then smudge the lower and half of the upper waterline and there you go. Ooo it’s just got hot in here!

BONUS TRICK – Bold Eyeliner

Grab a gel eyeliner and add an arc on your eyelids. After that, fill the whole area under the arc with a liquid eyeliner and that’s it. If you want, you can also come down towards the lower part of your eye as well so it resembles the cat-eye style. 

Always be gentle with your eyes, especially when you’re applying eyeliners. And yes, try to use pencil eyeliners or eyeshadows for your eyeliner looks because they can smudge really well. Don’t rush when applying it because you don’t want a mess right before you’re about to leave for the party, eh? People rush and don’t really give importance to how they are using their strokes and end up frustrating themselves to screaming. You need to make sure that your hand is very stable, focused, and soft towards your eyes so you look just as beautiful and gorgeous as you want in the end. 


There may be millions of women out there who are not good at applying eyeliner and want to be a pro in it. Before using any technique, you must know what types of eyeliners are there and learn about their colors. And yes, none of those techniques will make your eyes look appealing if the eyeliner isn’t good enough. You should look for high-quality and attractive eyeliner packaging boxes with good features because this is a proper sign of a good brand. If you’re running one, then you should portray a good image of your products and brand to your customers by buying eyeliner packaging wholesale from companies like Dawn Printing. Anyways, I’m pretty sure that you got all the solutions to your issues, I think I should now call you the “Eyeliner Pros”. 

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