How To Lower Triglycerides

How To Lower Triglycerides


In this article, we will help you to understand triglycerides. Moreover, we also find out the best way to lower triglycerides. The information that we collect from trusted sources will help you understand everything about it. Before we go into detail about how to lower triglycerides we will find out all information about triglycerides. 

What Is Triglycerides ?

Triglycerides known as fat type exist in human blood. The triglycerides will be created when you finish your eating. The calories that your body cannot digest will go directly into your fat cell. It will keep in your body to become reserve energy to use later. The number of triglycerides that store in your body as an energy source when it becomes large. When your body needs it to help you to use as energy and those triglycerides cannot use out as an energy source. It will become a risk for your health such as type 1 heart disease.

Moreover, The bumpy rash will appear on your facial skin and body skin. Those rashes have the feature that is yellow in color and have the same as the halo. The triglycerides level in the blood will be affected by those factors. That is uncontrolled diabetes, eating high calories foods, obesity, and the habit of drinking alcohol. As a part of this, we will provide you the best way to lower it. Let’s get started!

The fat issue from every habit 

Lose Some Weight To Down Triglycerides

Your habit of using high calories food for eating. Also, the way you eat food more than your body needs. The triglycerides that you cannot consume once you are done with your meals. That will be stored in your fat cells. So, the best way to lower is to lose weight. According to research, if you want to down your triglycerides in blood with an amount of 40 mg/dL. So, you need to lose about 5 percent to 10 percent. 

Loose weight to have good heatly skin 

Losing weight is also a long-term way to help down triglycerides in your blood. Moreover, the remainder will still be the same as 24 percent 26 percent. Even the level can lower if you keep doing exercise or have a diet plan to lose weight. Furthermore, based on research even you gain a little weight its level in your types of blood still keeps the same level. 

Limit Your Sugar Intake To Limit Triglycerides

Sugar is a big factor that affects your triglycerides level. If you use sugar with a big amount, it makes your triglycerides levels in your blood higher than usual. So, you should avoid using sugar in your food. It does not mean that you completely avoid using sugar in every meal. You just need to down the amount of sugar in your foods and drinks. Based on research people should consume 6 to 9 teaspoons of sugar per day to down its level in their blood. People usually consume more than 19 teaspoons every day, so you should pay attention to the amount of sugar that you consume. Besides you also need to know more about the sugar hide in some sweet sources such as soft drinks, bakery, fruit juice. Heart disease will happen when you consume sugar with a huge amount. 

Limited the sugar intake will help you gain great skin 

Follow A Low-Carb Diet

Low carb food source

Carb is the same as sugar, it is a big factor that will affect triglycerides level in blood. The advanced carbs are in foods and drinks. The big amount of carbs that will become triglycerides go directly into fat cells as an energy source for your body. It will make your triglycerides higher. So lower the carbs will help you down its levels in your blood. You can use low-carb diets such as eating more vegetables, meat, chicken. You should avoid eating food have high carb such as rich in sugar food, gluten foods, oily food such as fried food. 

Eat More Fiber

High rich fiber source 

Fiber is an important nutrition source to help you down the triglycerides level in your blood. Based on research when you use high fiber food sources as your daily consumption. So, it will help lower triglycerides level in your blood. Those rich fiber sources that you can consume from those sources such as vegetables, fruit, seeds. The popular rich fiber source is easy to find in the market at a reasonable price. Those are such as broccoli, seeds, orange, apple, cannabis, sweet potato, bean, berries, avocados, whole grains, nuts. 

Exercise Regularly

Exercise regularly will help you improve the skin healthy 

HDL cholesterol level is an important part of down the triglycerides level in your types of blood. When you do exercise and some activities related to sport. It will help you higher your HDL level in your blood. Some activities such as jogging, walking, dancing, aerobic, bicycling, swimming, etc. Besides, you should do exercise for about 2 hours per week. For more effectiveness, you should do sports activities 5 days per week, 30 minutes every day.

Furthermore, if you want to lower its level in your blood. You should do aerobic while eating with a diet plan. Moreover, you should do aerobic at a hard level in a short time to gain more effect than do aerobic in the long term at an easy level. In the part of this, the exercise will help you low your triglycerides in long term. As we mentioned the benefit of exercise in the long term affects its level in blood. If your body gains a few weights it doesn’t matter to affect your triglycerides level. 


We hope you enjoy this article, it will help you find out the best way to lower triglycerides. All information in this article from trusted sources that help you improve your health and your skin, for hair care you can visit hairhip. Moreover, you should follow the instructions in this article with your doctor’s guide to avoid some issues about medical in case you have some medicine in your health. 

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