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Lemon Juice: Top 6 Health Benefits of Drinking it

Fiber and vitamin C are present in lemons. It also contains a number of plant compounds that are very good for your health. For the benefit of your health, these nutrients play a very important role. In order to keep your digestive health, weight control, and heart health good you can get a lot of support from lemons. Now I am going to tell you the top 6 health benefits of drinking lemon juice.

1. It helps in keeping your heart healthy – It is vitamin C’s very good source. Vitamin C in an amount of 31 mg is present in a single lemon. You can consider it as the reference daily intake’s 51 %. It has been found that the chances of stroke and heart disease can get reduced by eating vitamin C-rich vegetables and fruits. For your heart, it will be very good to take vitamin C. For lowering the heart disease-related risk factors, its plant compounds and fiber can play a significant role. It has been found in research that complete cholesterol levels in the blood got reduced when for one month the extract of citrus fiber in an amount of 24 grams was taken by the people. For lowering cholesterol levels, diosmin and hesperidin play a very good role. These are basically plant compounds present in its juice.

2. For controlling weight it helps a lot – You can lose weight if you will drink lemon juice. Your stomach can get expanded with the pectin fiber that is soluble and present in it. For losing weight, mix it in hot water and then drink.

3. It helps in preventing kidney stones – If in your kidney, crystallization of waste products occurs then formation of small lumps takes place which are known as stones. For preventing kidney stones, citric acid plays a major role. It increases the pH of the urine as well as the volume of the urine. Thus, it prevents the stones from getting created. Every day you need to take lemon juice in ½ of the cup. Research suggests that for preventing kidney stones, lemonade plays an important role.

4. It protects you from anemia – The cause of anemia is the deficiency of iron. If the foods taken by you do not give you iron in a good amount then anemia occurs. Some iron is present in lemon. From fish, chicken, and meat, an easy absorption of iron by your gut is possible. But from plant sources, this absorption is not so simple. If you will consume vitamin C then improvement in the absorption of iron is possible and this vitamin is present in lemon juice.

5. It can help in reducing the risk of cancer – It has been found that for lowering the cancer risk, eating citrus fruits can be a good choice. Research suggests that you can see anticancer effects by taking naringenin and limonene that are present in lemon juice. In a study over animals, it has been found that anticancer properties are present in a lemon oil compound known as D-limonene. One more research suggests that for preventing malignant tumors, its compounds known as hesperidin and beta-cryptoxanthin play a major role.

6. It helps in improving digestive health – Simple sugars and soluble fibers are present in the 10 % carbs of lemons. A soluble fiber known as pectin is also present in it. For your health, it is very good. Your gut health can get improved with the soluble fiber. Its pulp has a lot of benefits as it contains fiber. So, always include the pulp in its juice if you want to drink it.

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