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Professional Carpet Cleaning: Everything You Need To Know About Different Carpet Cleaning Methods

When it comes to flooring, most of the people prefer to have wall to wall carpeting in their homes. Even if they don’t, carpets and rugs remain the most important part of home décor. Just a small piece of the rug has the power to change the entire appeal of your beautiful room. Carpets are also considered one of the most preferred floors covering for drawing rooms and living rooms. It is a unique style, texture, and color of the carpets that these are considered one of the most stylish home décor items. 

However, when you use your carpet for a long time, it needs to be deep cleaned no matter how habitual you are in daily vacuuming. A vacuum cannot entirely remove the dust and dirt that is stranded in the fabric of the carpet. Only a deep clean can do the job. 

When it is about hiring professional carpet cleaning, you are spoilt for choices. Professional carpet cleaning companies offer you several carpet cleaning solutions. Therefore, it is important for you to first learn about those different cleaning techniques so that you can make a sound choice for your carpet. If you are surfing the internet to discover about different carpet cleaning methods used by professionals, this article is for you. Given below are some of the methods which are safe to use. If your carpet cleaning company asks you to choose any of these, feel confident to choose one. 

Steam Carpet Cleaning

This probably is the most used cleaning method used by companies. They also call this method “hot water extraction cleaning” as, during the cleaning process, a very high-pressure hot water is used which helps them easily dissolve the dust particles which are stranded in the fabric. You do not have to buy any specific cleaning chemicals for cleaning. All they need is a natural cleaner and they use it on the soiled surface to get rid of dust particles, and other stains. You cannot do steam cleaning at home because during this method you would need high-end equipment that is not possible to buy for every homeowner. 

Dry Cleaning

It is another effective carpet cleaning method that is mostly used by professionals. This cleaning method has gained immense popularity among the professionals because it is convenient to use and the results are also awesome. During dry cleaning, you hand over your carpet to the cleaner. He makes use of machines specialized for the task of cleaning. During the whole cleaning procedure, you would notice that there is no moisture released which results in maintaining the original beauty of the carpet. As far as the removal of stain, dirt, and odor is concerned, rest assured of their complete removal. The reason why people opt for dry cleaning is that it is simple and inexpensive, however, just keep one thing in mind that it only cleans the surface of the carpet. 

Bonnet Cleaning

Just like dry cleaning, it is another carpet cleaning method that ensures quick cleaning. If the surface of your carpet has become too dirty, it is not easy for you to remove the surface stains and grime yourself. The Bonnet technique is the best solution for removing these surface stains and you can easily hire a professional company for cleaning your carpet through this method. However, the use of Bonnet cleaning is limited to light carpet maintenance. Your professional cleaner would tell if it is right for your carpet by checking the texture of the carpet in detail. If he says, it is not a good option for your carpet, you should never go for it because if used on the wrong texture, it can destroy the fabric of the carpet. 

Shampoo Cleaning

It is another common method used by professional carpet cleaning companies, though not very popular among the homeowners. Professionals still consider it a great way to remove dust and dirt from your carpet as when you shampoo your carpet, it fully penetrates the fibers which makes it easy for you to tackle your soiled carpets. Whether you are shampooing your carpet yourself, or you have hired a professional cleaner for the job, it would require an ample of time for drying because a tremendous amount of water has been used during the cleaning. This indeed is the biggest advantage of shampooing that the shampoo reaches deep down the fibers and your carpet starts looking completely new. Once the drying process is complete, you can vacuum your carpet for even better results. 


It is closely related to the dry cleaning method as, during this method, your professional won’t use much water. During the cleaning process, they apply an encapsulation chemical onto the carpet and then scrub it for quite some time. For scrubbing, they mostly use a cylindrical tool or a rotary brush machine and all the soil particles are completely removed from the carpet. Since after the inception of this cleaning method, people became reluctant to go for carpet shampooing and they started using this cleaning method more. The results of encapsulation are promising still people use this method only in commercial settings. It is the shorter drying time of carpets that encapsulation is considered one of the best carpet cleaning methods being used these days. 

Dry Foam

If you are planning to choose DRY FOAM for cleaning your carpet, it is very much similar to shampooing. However, it is easy for you to find affordable carpet cleaners for this method of cleaning. The brushing action during this process is a bit aggressive and the cleaning solutions are used in the form of a foam that they apply on the carpet even before brushing. You would find this method equally useful as it is the carpet shampooing. 

Final Thoughts!

Whenever you are going for professional carpet cleaning, first make yourself fully learned as ignorance might get you trapped in the wrong hands. Reading about different cleaning methods is one of the best ways to decide which carpet cleaning method to ask for when hiring a carpet cleaning company because in most cases your carpet cleaner won’t have time to explain to you each and everything in detail. 

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