Things Your Podiatrist Wants You To Know

Things Your Podiatrist Wants You To Know

All of us know the importance of regular dental check-ups and eye tests. However, what about those ignored feet that pound the pavements daily? During summer when the thought of getting our feet on the beach is very much on our minds. We spoke to different foot doctors to know what they would like to tell us.

Therefore, we are going to share with you today some secret insights into our knowledge. Therefore, sit back and read on.

Check Your Feet Every Day

Many people do not take any interest in their feet. They ignore the discomfort and pain they are going through. Although, you should not take it so lightly. Feet health is equally important as any other part of your body. 

Therefore, you should keep checking your feet. Take some free time out of your busy routine and do a quick examination or visit best podiatrist. Undoubtedly, your feet are windows to your health.

Dry Them Properly

Many people have this habit of getting out of the shower and directly putting their socks on. They leave moisture in the pores. Depending on how much your toes are squished, the moisture can hang around there and become the reason for fungal growth. Thus, it leads to diseases like an athlete’s foot.

Give Toenails Breathing Room

Incorrectly cut toenails are the main reason for ingrown nails. Foot doctors say that it is the biggest foot complaint they come across. Therefore, try to cut your toenails straight across. Also, please do not go into the corner or make them too short. If you want to remove any uncomfortable or painful bits around the corners. Then simply take a nail file to shape them off.

Do Not Panic Over An Ingrown Toenail

If you are having an ingrown toenail, then just take some warm water and mix salt in it and soak your feet in it. Then, apply any mild antiseptic cream. Then wait for a couple of days. Also, there are specific kits that you can use at home and treat by yourself at an early stage. Through these kits, you can treat early-stage ingrowing toenails. Also, it will help relieve the pain and help the nail grow out in the right way.

Furthermore, podiatrists say when the nail grows a pus pocket, it is very painful and inflamed. Mainly, if you have diabetes, immediately visit your podiatrist. Many people fear that their toenails will need to be removed. Though, it can be treated if it gets checked in the early stages. Therefore, visit any good foot doctor and get it checked by them.

Look Out For Changes In The Appearance Of Your Toenails

A fungus can start as a spotty, white, powdery look on the surface of the nail. Another sign is the discoloration of the nails. Also, there could be a loose corner of the nail which is turning into a slightly yellow color, or it could only be a little opaque as the fungus might then become brittle, thick, or crumbly. These are the significant indicators of a fungal nail infection.

Put Lotion On Your Feet Daily

The majority of the people clean their feet routinely. However, most of them do not put lotion on their feet afterward? Applying lotion has many benefits. It helps in preventing open pores and cracks that can get infected. 

The lotion keeps the calluses well hydrated, which can lessen the rate at which the callus produces. A nice trick is to 

  • First, cover your feet with a thick layer of lotion. 
  • Now, pull on a pair of cotton socks, 
  • Then, climb into bed. 

In this way, you will have happy and soft feet when you get up!

Do Not Use Shoes With Pointy Toes

Bunions are a lump at the base of the big toe that happens when the joint or bone is out of place. It can not always be avoided, though avoiding shoes with pointy or narrow toes can control the severity of a bunion. 

Also, it can decrease your possibility of developing pain. Get yourself shoes with a wide toe box; that is the front part of the shoe. Shoes with wide toes allow you to move your toes a little.

Problems Don’t Happen Overnight

We can understand this feeling that one day you had no issue with your feet. Then, suddenly the next day, you woke up with immense heel pain! Even if you have never had any issues with your feet. It still can happen. As much as the start of signs could seem unexpected. Most things, except for acute wounds, have been growing in the background for quite a while. 

Podiatrists say that the way people walk, the shoes they wear, and the activities they do are usually continuous. If any of those three elements can result in minor injury to your feet, then with time, it can cause severe damage. Our body generates pain as an indication to warn us that something is not correct. 

At the same time, our body is strong. Our body tries its level best to fix up the damage. As long as the injury occurs at a slower rate than repair, the body is happy. Though, when an injury happens faster than repair, pain occurs.


Many people believe that you should visit a foot doctor only when experiencing foot-related injury or foot pain. But, you should do a regular visit to your podiatrist, at least for a foot inspection. However, podiatrists have the training to deal with all kinds of ankle and foot concerns. They can help you from purchasing the right shoes to do any surgery.

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