Top 6 Diet Audiobooks You Shouldn't Miss

Top 6 Diet Audiobooks You Shouldn’t Miss.

If you’re one of those who care about what you put on the table and never stop looking for information, there’s nothing better than going back to school and reading a book. A successful paper nutrition book has been reinvented in audiobook format so you can learn how to eat better and become a true food expert.
Reading a book is more than just an activity. It is a journey that can lead you to different understanding levels and provide a new path to your imagination. Audiobook trends have become quite popular these days. People buy audiobooks and sit or lie down to listen comfortably. If you’ve never heard about an audiobook before, now is the time to get one.
Audible offers an unbeatable selection of health, mind, and body audiobooks that you can listen to at any time, anywhere on any device. You can hear it on the way to work in the gym, in the car, or on the way to the shopping center.
 Below is a list of the best Diet Audiobooks You Shouldn’t Miss:
The Plant Paradox
Run time: 10 hours 24 minutes
Narrator: Stephen R. Gandley MD
Genre: Audiobooks on health 
The Plant Paradox deals with many types of plant proteins, especially toxic proteins like lectins. This book is a little different from other books based on Nutrition and health. Here you find some interesting facts about the foods you eat every day. It gives some easy ways to avoid those toxic substances present in our daily diet.
Most of us have heard of gluten. But what if the root of the problem is lost? In The Plant Paradox, renowned cardiologist Dr. Steven Gundry reveals that gluten is just one of the most common and toxic plant proteins called lectins.
Lectins are found in grains like wheat and in many fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, traditional dairy products, and other “gluten-free” foods that most of us consider healthy. When ingested, they cause a kind of chemical warfare in our body, causing an inflammatory reaction that can lead to weight gain and serious health.
About the Author: It is written by Dr. Stephen Gandley, a renowned cardiologist who is a scholar in medicine. He also invented several devices that could reverse cell death to protect a person from injury during heart surgery. Dr. Gandley treated several patients while working in several renowned laboratories around the world.
Who should listen to this book? This book is an encyclopedia of different types of plant proteins, and it can be enjoyed listening for all ages.
Advantages: Read aloud to people of all ages who want to know the toxic substances in their daily diet.
2. Deep Nutrition
Best Health Books of 2017 – Sports Illustrated “Human Diet” to Self-Examine Habits of Keeping Our Ancestors Disease-Free and Helping Us All Live.  It guides us about the Phenomenon of Normative Planning Presentations, A Long Life, energetic and healthy lifestyle. Biochemist and doctor Kate Shanahan, MD, examined diets around the world, including the Mediterranean and “Blue Zone,” which are known to help people live longer, healthier lives. We have identified four common nutritional habits that have developed over thousands of years and have ensured strong, healthy, and intelligent children for generations.
It has its roots in her experience as an elite athlete with Dr. Kate says in her book, not all calories are always equal. Food gives you straight nourishment of your cells. The history of your family does not determine our destiny. What you eat and how you live can change your DNA in ways that affect your health and the health of your child in the future. Deep Nutrition provides a normative blueprint for how everyone begins eating a human diet.
Eliminate allergies and diseases, strengthen bones and joints. Our ancestors’ habits show how it helps you lead a longer, healthier, and more energetic life.
 3. Side Dressing (And Other Mythological Diet Accusations)
Runtime: 9 hours 35 minutes
Narrator: Jacqueline London
Genre: Diet and Nutrition Audiobooks
About the book: This audiobook can provide a logical answer to all the confusion about ongoing diet-related rhetoric such as detox diets, fake Nutrition, healthy eating times, what to eat, etc. When you eat, what to eat etc. Here, you can find satisfying answers to various diet-related myths.
About the author: Jaclyn London works as a nutritionist and director of Nutrition at Good Housekeeping in New York City. He also teaches at prestigious universities and has a master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition and Nutrition. She actively shares her experiences with people worldwide with the help of television shows, blogs, and other outlets. The current book is one of London’s masterpieces on a healthy diet.
Who should ask: It’s a good learning experience for all those health freaks looking for a permanent solution to their dysfunctional diet and wanting to make a positive difference in their lives.
Pros: If you are looking for long-term body structure changes and are ready to adopt a healthy lifestyle, you should listen to this book once. 
 4. The Keto Beginning  
Run time: 2 hours 40 minutes
Narrator: Lian Bogel
Genre: Audiobooks on healthy and nutritious diets
About the book: Ingesting carbohydrates from any source, including fruits, vegetables, and grains, raises the body’s blood sugar levels, and our body begins to secrete insulin to lower that level. When the blood sugar levels normalized, we started to feel hungry. It’s a joyous cycle that keeps us overweight all the time. It is just an example of the many theories mentioned in this book that help us understand the human body’s mechanisms.
About the author: Leanne Vogel has written several books on health, and so far, she has published 11 health programs. Readers and listeners highly recommend these around the world. She has been active in the field of Nutrition since 2007.
Who Should Listen: If you want to achieve perfect shape without feeling starved, you should spend hours of your life listening to this book.
Advantage:  If you want to achieve holistic health and a slim body, you must listen to this book.
5. Daily body love
Forget the preface cravings of Emmy Rossum and Jennifer Garner and love your lifestyle with this body-positive approach to health and wellness. In his bestseller Books, Body Love, Kelly Rubeck The Fabulous Four (Protein, Fat, Fiber, Vegetables), these can change your health and body and improve your relationship with food. For a personal approach, she created a comprehensive 21-day plan for four different typical women.
 Kelly offers tips on the go and the go, a delicious 15-minute meal, and a simple daily balance strategy. Kelly teaches you how to elevate your kitchen and her home to a healthier height.
Followers of plant origin want to incorporate the Fab Four into their vegetarian diet. Kelly has more than 40 delicious plant-based recipes that offer plans to maintain nutritional value and energy while still committing to her lifestyle.
The girl ready for the red carpet wants to do her best for the next big event. Kelly wears the red carpet version with the same strategy as the celebrity clients on the list. This includes recipes for lifting and lightening the skin, toning training, and windows to eat to improve results. Daily body love audiobooks offer plans to help you achieve your body, mind, and soul’s natural well-being. 
Find recipes for daily diet and nutrition information, daily exercise and movement, night and weekend stress management and energy recharge, and emotional support to get through the inevitable tough times if you want to live a healthier life, cut back size your jeans, improve your fitness life or feel better, Love your body, Every Day is your guide to success.
6. Nutrition for Dummies: Sixth Edition
Run time: 14 hours 40 minutes
Narrator: Rebecca Lush
Gender: Health
About the book: The sixth edition of Nutrition for Dummy shows the importance of diet in our body’s general health. It underlines the impact of different types of food on our physical and mental health. In this book, you will find some strong arguments in favour of a fruit diet. The language is elementary, and the method suggested in the book is easy to implement.
About the Author: Carol Enlinzler has written more than 20 books on health and nutrition. She worked as a nutrition columnist for the New York Daily News. Kinzler is a best-selling author and highly recommended for health-related books.
Who Should Listen: Many people are health conscious and always observe their diet; this book can help them in important ways. You can use this audio book to motivate your child to eat healthily.
Advantages: It can motivate you to eat healthy and nutritious food.
Author Bio: 
Chris is a passionate writer, hungry for new innovation. You can check and listen the bible on Speakaudible.
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