What you need to know about Thread lifts

Facelift surgical treatment is the most conventional approach to cure facial skin laxity. Until recently cosmetic surgeons cure laxity problems such as drooping cheeks and jowl through invasive facelift treatment. After the medical advancement cosmetic surgeon discovered the skin resurfacing treatment to restore the firmness of the skin. This modern technique efficiently firms the sagged skin. The doctor easily removes the loose skin with just a scalpel.

Now Non-surgical cosmetic treatments are in demand because of the quick recovery and less downtime. Thread lift is an aesthetic treatment that quenches the gap between a surgical facelift and non-surgical facial rejuvenation.

What is thread lift surgery and how it works?

Thread lift is a medically advanced aesthetic procedure that temporarily sutures to create subtle yet visible uplift in your skin. Here cosmetic surgeon does not remove facial skin surgically. He simply suspends it by stapling up a portion of it. Thread lift is a more convincing procedure than surgical facelift treatment. The treatment involves pulling the extra skin back slightly and lifting and tightening the face. Additionally, it is a good way to combat the aging process by instigating the body’s natural healing process. It promotes your body to promote more collagens at the targeted area.

With increasing age, the production of collagen gets reduced. Therefore, we have to improve collagen production by implementing thread lift treatment. New collagen wipes out the appearance of sagging or loose skin and brings the firmness of young age.

 Collagen stimulates growth factors that highly influence the outlook of the skin. On the other hand, growth-stimulating factors are being used to stimulate the wound healing process. Collagen boosts your skin condition and makes the subtle skin muscle strong and healthy, supple, and voluminous. 

With increasing age our body gradually reduces the production of collagen, therefore it reduces the skin thickness by 80% It is a big loss of volume and strength. It is a great factor in reducing access wrinkle and skin. As the skin becomes weaker, it no longer supports your skin tissues adequately. Hence skin gets saggy because gravity pulls down your skin

When your skin gets infused with fresh collagens then the skin gets support against laxity, thus start working against looseness by intensely hydrating and thickening effect. The objective of a facelift is to make the skin of the targeted area strong and firm with the support of new collagen.

The non-surgical procedure Thread lift is unique ideation that offers progressive rejuvenation of facial tissues. Patients who undergo a thread lift treatment to stimulate the collagen can notice a gradual enhancement of their skin texture and tone. The ultimate result is it can bring the firmness of young age.

When their thread lift is on the target place, the natural healing of our body starts responding by constant activation, Then the body starts to healthy suture area and improves the sutures. Remember your body is biologically programmed to respond when it sensitized the foreign particle under the dermis layer. Medical science uses it as a stimulation process and stimulates collagen production by implementing external stimulation.

The positive aspects of having a thread lift instead of a facelift?

The biggest advantage of Thread lift over facelift is the treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive. Therefore, the recovery time is very low. You don’t need to spend days after surgery for the doctor’s supervision. You can resume your normal life as well as corporate life within 48 hours of thread lift treatment.

When a patient undergoes facelift surgery, they become heavily sedated for days, therefore, the patient has to arrange for someone to drive for him to reach home from the hospital. After invasive facelift treatment, patients need continuous assistance for a minimum of three days post-surgery. And finally, he has to take 15 days off from his work to completely heal. It follows a slow healing process.

On the other hand, recovery from thread lift is comparatively easy. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia rather than complete anesthesia. The side effects are very normal. You can see a bit of soreness, redness just after treatment

Thread lift is a great aesthetic treatment for busy personalities with demanding careers, mothers who have a child to take care of. It is because the recovery time is less and the outcome is outstanding.

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