Why am I depressed?


Many times a lot of us use to think or to say Why am I Depressed? But, do you really are? Sometimes we arrive to ask ourselves if we suffer from depression or anxiety. Also, we start to be very worried about it. Many of us find it difficult to understand the differences between pathological anxiety and depression. Anxiety and Depression have a lot of similarities and some of them are even of the opinion that these are the same type of fear emotions, which simply manifest differently in different people.

Why am I depressed? This Is The Question That Millions Of People Are Asking Every Day.

Why am I depressed? A status that every one of us is experiencing in the life

Let’s see… All of us experience at a certain moment in our life anxiety or depression as emotional states. And few people who undergo rehab can try opioid withdrawal symptoms for a better life. According to medical statistics, more than half of the population is suffering from depression. Also, women are more prone to depression than men.

Feeling sad, usually, we call “depressed”, happens to all of us. This feeling generally passes after a while. However, a person with a depressive disorder – clinical depression – finds that his state interferes with his daily life.

What causes depression, which is the symptoms and why am I depressed?

Nobody is still sure what causes depression. Medical experts say that depression is caused by a combination of factors, such as the person’s genes, his personal experience, his biochemical environment, and psychological factors. However, extended periods of unmanageable anxiety and depression may meet the criteria for a mental disorder.

Depression – Help Yourself

If you’re feeling so out of it, completely out of your normal system and just basically hating and ignoring almost, always everything and anyone that comes along, try to get yourself checked by a psychiatrist because of those little mood swings and unpredictable Ally McBeal-ish behavior that you’re trying to close the eyes to some long, may actually be symptoms of depression. Take action fast because if you do, it’ll certainly be a lot harder for you to be able to have yourself cured of this illness, especially once self-delusion starts to kick in.

In fact start by hauling your depressed ass into the hospital and get yourself diagnosed by a trustworthy psychiatrist, one that’ll actually help you with your depression concerns, answer all the possible questions that you may have when it comes to depression as well as provide you with the best existing to depression treatment that’ll make you give yourself some good-old, yet extremely effective Depression Help. All it needs is your right attitude.

After starting being honest with yourself, when it comes to actually be a patient who is suffering from depression, quit turning yourself into a victim and find out from these various types of depression the actual one that you’re suffering from:

–    Manic or Bipolar depression – characterized by unexpected and extreme changes in one’s mood in which one minute he or she is in an elevated state of euphoria while the next minute (day or week) he or she is feeling to be in a personal hell,

–    Cyclothymia – characterized by a slight similarity with Manic or Bipolar depression in which the individual suffering from this mental illness may infrequently suffer from severe changes in one’s moods,

–    Mood swings, wherein a person’s mood may shift from happy to sad to angry in just a short time.

But in spite of how scary or how discouraging a task is the road towards sound mental health is, depression help abounds and is just up to you if you’re eager to take in some of that depression help, may it be from your family, friends, support group and mainly starting from yourself, there really is a lot of depression help to go around.

The old proverb, “slowly but surely” really applies in trying to treat depression, as the patient continues taking the prescribed medicines for his/her depression treatment, as well as the parallel therapy sessions with the cognitive behavior therapist, a patient being treated from depression needs all the support and depression help that he or she can get.


As being treated for depression, the patient, as well as his or her family and other loved ones, are advised to make realistic goals concerning depression in which, to not assume that their depression can be easily treated in a snap. Depression helps neither begins with trying to understand the patient’s situation and continuing on being patient as well as for all time extending your help or trying for any kind of withdrawal like Ritalin withdrawal symptoms because depression help is never easy nor is the depression treatment itself, which is why both patients and loved ones need to help each other out through every step of the way. 

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