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Why You Should Choose Best Hair Transplant in Mumbai

It is important that hair transplant surgeons utilizer each & every hair graft rather every hair follicle in the best possible way as in hair restoration we have a great limitation of resources smart use of every single graft is important. In hair transplantation patients donor is only used for hair transplant each hair & graft is precious we cannot produce or generate every single hair follicle even by spending millions of dolor so for best use of donor area &hair graft one need to choose best hair transplant in Mumbai.
What Is Hair Transplant?
It is a common concept that hair transplant is cutaneous free graft minor surgical procedure for aesthetic & anti-aging purpose but, top cosmetic surgery expert Dr. Vaibhav shah firmly believe hair transplant is a procedure for the correct prediction of an individual age hair transplant can give a great boost to self-confidence hair transplant can actually change the life of an individual by giving best look looking personality to an individual.
How Does Hair Transplant Work?
Hair transplant works or absolute science of dihydric testosterone. In young individual secretion of testosterone is high which is physiological & it gets converted in DHI ( di hydro testosterone ).these DHI reacts c 5 alpha-reductase of scalp hair follicle & demises the growth of scalp hair, fortunately. S- Alpha reductase is completely absent in hair folic which grows in occipital & temporal area. DHI is not effective on hair which takes growth in occipital & temporal area.
So, in male pattern hair loss hair grafted from occipital & temporal area & transplant in frontal & crown area.
What Happen During Hair Transplant Surgery?
Surgical note on hair transplant in FUE hair transplant is follow
Pre-surgical adv.
Xylocain test dose
Inj T.T
Inj glycopyrolate
Trimming of hair from scalp
Cleaning & sanitization on the scalp
Hairline mark & design with methylene blue
Surgery note
Local anesthesia to occipital by blocking greater & lesser occipital nerve using 2% lignocaine HCL & 1:80000 adrenaline
In tumescent for blanching of scalp tissue.
Harvesting of grafts using suitable punch 0.8mm (internal diameter)
Preservation of grafts in PRP at cold temperature
Local anesthesia to frontal & temporal area by blocking supraorbital & supratrochlear nerve using 2% lignocaine & 1:80000 adrenaline
Slit making
Cleaning & preservation graft
Implantation of hair graft
Post-operative instruction after hair transplant medicine as per instruction
Cap Augmentin 625mg
Tab calpol 650mg
Tab omez (before meal)
For five days
Sleep on your back
Spray normal saline every two hardly
Not to touch implanted hair for 7days
Banc lave removal from donor area after two days
Betadine wash at the clinic on 5th & 10th day from surgery
Start hair growth medicine like monoxide or finest ride after 10 to 15 days from surgery
Who Should Choose Hair Transplant
Hair transplant gives a completely new personality or looks to an individual. The most ideal candidate is :-
People who are matrimonial candidates. People who are down with self-confidence
People who need to meet lots of individuals every day for business or work. People who want to predict the correct age
People who all do not like the tag of UNCLE
People who want to pamper themselves with more hair & presentable personality

Best Hair Transplant

Who Can Perform Hair Transplant?

Maxillofacial surgeon (MDS) is most ideal to perform hair transplant as they only work & trained in head, face & neck area. Apart from that, anyone who is MBBS & above qualification can perform a hair transplant. Most important is how passionate your hair transplant surgery is? & how experienced your hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai.

What Is The Cost Of Hair Transplant?

The hair transplants cost in Mumbai is a highly variable factor. Most of the hair transplant clinics in Mumbai charges on hair graft. 1 hair graft on average has 2 hair follicle 1 hair follicle represent 1 hair shaft. Cost of hair graft is around 30INR. So if someone needs 3000 graft & 6000 hair shaft than cost of hair transplant would be 30×3000=90000 In India government of India has applied 18% of GST on all cosmetic surgery so end-user i.e. patient need to pay that amount as well E.g. ; 18% GST over 90000 cost comes to 106200INR so, in conclusion, I would say the cost of hair transplant in Mumbai is ranging from 60.65k to 3 to4 lac INR depends upon the amount of work is needed & expertise of hair transplant surgeon.

Success Rate Of Hair Transplant In Mumbai

hair loss problem is common especially in metro & hectic lifestyle city like Mumbai where is talk about the success rate of hair transplant it is important that we evaluate the result of hair transplant after at least 7-8 month. Due hair growth cycle & its different stages live

It takes 8 months for hair growth cycle to show the hair transplant result and the success of hair transplant mainly depends upon:-

Hair transplant surgeon factor patients factor to have the best success rate of hair transplant. The young patient has better results than people above 65 years of age. Males have a much better success rate than females. Patients who take the finest ride for 3 to5 years after surgery than patients with no post hair transplant medicine. Patients without any comorbidity give better healing than otherwise. Patients who maintain micro vitamin intake along with a high protein diet have a better success ratio. The doctor’s aspect to have a better success ratio in hair transplant. Experienced surgeons produced better results. Good team for transplant with required infrastructure. Selecting of scalp hair has better survival then body hair. Hairline grafts give much better results than the crown areas. Use of titanium punches. Use of swan- mort and sp-90 blade for implantation. Follow regular protocol for hair transplant directed us per ISHRS. A passionate & caring surgeon is always better than a surgeon who criticizes another surgeon. 

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