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9 Plus Reasons Why Oxygen Cylinders are Important For Us

The Corona epidemic in the country is breaking all records and setting new records one after another and hence the demand for using an oxygen cylinder at home is also increasing. Because of the extra pressure of the patients in the hospitals, many people are not getting the beds empty, they are not getting the required oxygen. In addition, many patients are using oxygen cylinders to make up for the lack of oxygen at home.

The ideal oxygen level is 94-99 percent. When the oxygen level drops below 94 percent, more oxygen is needed. Excessive oxygenation can cause cramps, eye irritation, visual field loss or a visual impairment, coughing and even breathing problems, abnormal muscle tone, and other symptoms. Find out the top reasons why oxygen cylinder home service is important to you.

Importance Of An Oxygen Cylinder At Home

Use a pulse oximeter to find out the level of oxygen in the body. It is better to check the oxygen level every two hours. The patient should be admitted to the hospital every time a low dose is found. Doctors recommend that patients with coronary heart disease lie on their backs or lean to one side to keep the oxygen level in the body. This quickly fixes the oxygen level. In this case, you can take nurse service at home for proper use of the cylinder.

  • While Taking Treatment at Home

Some patients who are usually treated at home as per the doctor’s advice need to keep various medical equipment at home. Oxygen cylinder is one of them. There is some nursing home care bd that provide you with the necessary nursing services including delivery of oxygen cylinders at home.

  • Who Have Breathing Problems

An oxygen cylinder at home is very important for those who have severe breathing problems. A patient with shortness of breath can have problems at any time. Going to the hospital immediately is not possible in many cases, in which case an oxygen cylinder will protect you. However, if you take the right amount of oxygen on the advice of a doctor, then your health risk will increase.

  • To Meets Immediate Needs

If an infected patient with this unstable condition of Covid-19 suffers from shortness of breath, it becomes much more difficult for his family to get oxygen at that very moment. In most cases, the patient’s family has to visit the door of the hospital for hours with the patient suffering from shortness of breath. This pressure becomes difficult for the patient to cope with. The situation can be handled if there is an oxygen cylinder at home.

  • Pneumonia Treatment

People with pneumonia need special oxygen therapy at the hospital or home. This is important for maintaining the level of oxygen in your bloodstream. Obtained via a nasal tube, mask, or ventilator, depending on the severity. If you are not good at using oxygen cylinders at home, try home nursing services.

  • Underdeveloped Lungs in Newborns

Symptoms are immediately apparent in infants who are born with RDS. In this case, the baby is usually admitted to a neonatal intensive care unit. Oxygen therapy delivers oxygen to the baby’s limbs through the lungs because the organs do not function properly without adequate oxygen. A ventilator or NCPAP oxygen may be given but give oxygen without a CPAP machine if the light is needed.

  • Heart Failure

Heart failure is a condition in which the heart is unable to supply enough blood and all major functions of the body are disrupted. This is where the great need for an oxygen cylinder comes in. Oxygen therapy is needed to pump enough blood to support other parts of the body.

  • Must for Sleep Apnea Patients¬†

An oxygen cylinder at home is very important for those who suffer from sleep apnea. These patients need immediate oxygen to maintain normal breathing levels or they may die in their sleep. So look for a reliable oxygen cylinder home delivery service and rent or buy oxygen cylinders. An oxygen cylinder price in BD you can get is affordable now. 

  • For Lung Disease

People with lung disease need to keep oxygen cylinders at home at all times because patients can feel sick at any time when their hospitalization is subject to a lot of time. Keep an oxygen cylinder at home, and rent it on a monthly or weekly basis if the purchase is not possible.

  • Covid-19 Affected People

Oxygen cylinders are a good solution for people suffering from covid who have decided to seek treatment at home. Corona patients usually suffer from severe shortness of breath, so they need to have an oxygen cylinder at home or an oxygen concentrator next.

Doctors advise keeping the oxygen level at home and taking care of some symptoms as well as exercise. If you see that the patient’s lips, face, or tongue are fading or sore, the patient is fainting, and there is no discomfort even after taking oxygen, then he should be taken to the hospital.

Be Careful

It is said that if the mouth of the oxygen cylinder is tightly closed then there is no risk of danger. But many times it is seen that there is a leak from there in one way or another, for some reason the pipe may be open or you have used it and forgot to close it. But it is dangerous. Because oxygen has no smell, no color, even if it leaks there is no way to understand. In this case, there is a risk of a large fire from the oxygen cylinder at home.

Final Words

Oxygen is usually used for patients with shortness of breath. When it is used, the patient is relieved of it. Oxygen is a gaseous substance that is used for the survival of all animals in the animal kingdom. There are many companies for oxygen cylinder home service. You can get it at home delivery at any time. It can be found everywhere in Bangladesh. Good quality oxygen cylinders cost a little more but you can sometimes get them at an affordable price. You can refill the cylinder when it runs out of oxygen, or you can rent an oxygen cylinder if you want.

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