Migraine And Prevention

Migraine And Prevention


Everyone gets a problem called a headache. You might have one during a cold or with the flu. There are different types of headaches, Some types of headaches may happen only once in a while, whereas others can happen as often as every day. Most headaches produce pain around the front, top, and sides of your head. When you have a drinking problem, Detoxing from alcohol is followed that can also cause you a severe headache. 

  • What causes a Migraine
  • Do you know a migraine is coming?
  • Treatment for migraine 

But a migraine is always worse than a regular headache. A migraine headache will usually occur about one to four times a month. The pain will be on one or both sides of the head. Kids with migraines often feel slightly dizzy. While they have headaches, some kids are sensitive to light, noise, or smells, and want to sleep.

If you have migraines don’t be worrying because you are not alone. As per the study, it is said that many people have migraines, and once they have good sleep and when they are awake you get rid out of them.

What Causes a Migraine?

For some reason, a migraine begins.  It is always like a pounding headache that can even stay for an hour or a day. The pounding or pulsing pain usually starts in the forehead, around the head. During migraines, you may feel nausea and even vomiting. During that time if you hear loud noise it may even hurt more. 

Some common triggers are:

  • stress
  • menstruation (having a period)
  • skipping meals
  • too much caffeine  
  • Some foods like cheese, pizza, chocolate, ice cream, fatty or fried food, lunch meats.
  • too much or too little sleep
  • weather changes
  • travel

If you get migraines, By chance, even another member of your family gets them as well. That’s because scientists think migraines are genetic, which means that certain genes are also passed on from parents that make a kid more likely to get them.

Treatments for Migraines

Everyone will get a bad migraine once in a while, which may be annoying, but usually doesn’t cause any big problems for a kid. 

  • last a long time
  • seem to be getting worse
  • happen more often
  • cause problems with balance
  • It can even interfere with school or after-school activities

 The doctor will want to know about those problems and can try to help.  The doctor also may want you to keep a headache diary. By keeping track of your headaches, you may be able to figure out what triggers them and they can figure out the solution. They could include:

  • Pain reliever like acetaminophen 
  • medicines that reduce nausea and vomiting
  • sedatives, which can help you to go to sleep and get rid of the headache

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