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How to choose the right shoes to help weight loss

According to the research of the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the right shoe selection burns more calories or improves your muscle strength and tone. Shoes that are merely good-looking are not the best. Comfortable shoes must whether you are working, using gym machines, or running. Choosing the right types of shoes is important otherwise, you may injure yourself. The right selection of shoes helps in lifetime weight loss by exercise. You are going to make use of your muscles when you are exercising for weight loss. Shoes with large and small sizes could be dangerous. The right shoes make exercise more pleasant and less painful. Different types of exercise shoes are available in the market.

  • Lightweight and shock-absorbing shoes: Help to prevent your foot from tiredness and increase your foot endurance.
  • Shoes with inbuilt shockers: used for running & jogging.
  • Flexible sole shoes for tennis: shoes for play tennis is quite different from the shoes of walking
  • Training shoes: for sport activities

Parts of shoes

When you purchase shoes for exercise and weight loss purposes, you may hear about the parts of shoes. This term is used to describe which type of shoes fit the user’s foot and identify what you like. Shoe parts include:

  • Heel: The strong support that enfolds around the back of your heel to offer strength. 
  • Upper shoe: the top part of the shoe where the laces secure around your foot.
  • Outer sole: the very base layer of the shoe where you find the walk. 
  • Midsole: the portion of the shoe in the middle of the outer and upper shoe, which provide the most control of shocks for your foot‌
  • Toe box: the portion of the shoe where your foot fits.

Features of Shoes for weight loss

Shoes for weight loss have some features other shoes don’t. Whether you are going to lose weight with exercise, walking, and running, your selected shoes must have the features so that you feel comfortable and at ease to wear them and not harm or disturb your feel. Otherwise, you may damage your feet and hurt your muscles while doing any activity.

  • Achilles tendon protector: Remove stress on the Achilles tendon by copping up the shoe around the heel and protecting them.
  • Heel collar: Cushions the ankle, support the heel and make sure its proper fit, and prevent the foot from slipping.
  • Upper: Holds the upper part of your foot and is usually made of leather or soft cloth, netting material. This helps to make shoes pleasant to wear.
  • Insole: supports your foot and arch. Removable insoles can be taken out to dry between walking sessions. Insoles help in comfort walking.
  • Gel, foam, or air midsole: Helps to reduce smash when your foot hits the ground. Reduce the foot injuries and hurt from an incident
  • Outsole:  Make contact with the ground. The good outsole makes it comfortable and easy to walk on any type of surface.
  • Toe box:  Provides space for the toes of the foot. A large and round toe box helps to prevent hardness and insensibility. Choose the shoes in which your feet easily bend and twist during performing any activity.

Different Shoe Weight Loss Process

The selection of shoes for weight loss depends on the way you use them to lose weight. You may lose weight by walking, running, and exercising. Choose your footwear accordingly. Check the DSW promo code and get amazing quality shoes and boots. 

  • Shoes for walking

Choose lightweight shoes and shock control in the heel and under the ball of your foot. This may help reduce pain and burning or tenderness in the foot. Some walkers favor a rounded or rocker bottom on the shoe so they can easily walk. 

  • Shoes for running

People prefer a traditionally styled shoe for running, look for shock absorption and good complication strength, shoes shouldn’t twist easily. These features may help protect against tendonitis, heel pain, stress fractures, and other foot injuries.

  • Shoes for exercise

Motion control and cushioning shoes are beneficial for the exercise, lightweight, and comfortable.


  • When you are choosing shoes for weight loss and exercise or running, choose to keep your feet healthy and save from risk and damage. Use only the shoes that do not affect the muscles. Keep the following things in mind.
  • Forget fashion & trends while choosing your shoes for weight loss rather go for comfort and ease.
  • Your feet are professionally measured to ensure you’re getting the best fit according to the size.
  • Look for lightweight shoes.
  • Wear the right socks with the right shoes for better support and a comfortable walk.
  • Purchase shoes after exercise or at the end of the day. This will help you to make sure that shoes feel comfortable.
  • Wear the same type of socks to try the shoes that you will wear for the activity.
  • Measure your fee size every time you buy shoes because your feet may become larger and wider with time. It’s also possible for one foot to be bigger than the other.
  • You can twist all your fingers when wearing the shoes. Keep in mind; you need space for your foot to move within the shoe as you walk or run.
  • The shoes should be comfortable and enjoyable as you wear them.
  • Walk or run a few steps in your shoes to make sure that shoes are comfortable for you.
  • Must check out the grip of the shoe. When you move, your heel should not slip or bend your feet in the shoes.
  • Think about both width and length. Shoes may not help that are a half-size larger, but not wider.
  • Check out the soles. Try to walk on both carpet and hard surfaces to make sure the sole is easy to wear and walk.


Shoes take a great part in weight loss. To burn more calories or improve your muscle strength and tone, this could be much helpful. The shoes used for weight loss have a special type of sole design. Tone shoes increase muscle activation, and this helps a person to work more efficiently. These shoes help mitigate and remove pain among people with heel pain and reduce the pressure of heels. So keep all tips and types of shoes in mind before going to buy a new pair for you.

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